Modern Security Systems Installed by Pros on Call LLC in the Smart Homes

Of late, reports of larceny in homes have increased. Traditionally, gatemen, watchmen and guards were employed to keep watch in a home.  Nowadays, technology has brought about new security measures and equipment and the guards and watchmen are rarely used for guarding the homes.  The security systems' equipment only need electric power for operation, therefore, more economical.  In order to have a good smart home and quality security systems in Austin, Texas, consider hiring a company such as the Pros On Call to set up the security system.  The following are some of the home security system equipment used by the Pros On Call LLC austin.

Surveillance cameras are associated with Pros On Call.  The other name of these security cameras is the closed circuit television. So as to record the images and videos of all activities in a home, these cameras are strategically placed. The videos are then stored in safe storage where they can only be accessed by the administrator or homeowner.  The faces of the attackers, time and nature of the attack are identified by the use of the recorded images and videos. More info about Pros on call LLC austin

In case you want a system to detect water leakages in your home, contact Pros On Call.  Every home must have a water supply in order to carry out cooking, washing, cleaning, cooling and construction activities. Leakage in the water pipes will definitely result in a huge loss.  So as to locate water leakages, Pros On Call have special equipment that detects water leakages. This system will alert the homeowner in case of a leakage and growth of molds in the pipes.  

In case you require a window, gate and door sensors, visit the Pros On Call website. The home possessor will be alerted in case someone opens the gates, doors or windows. These alerts are mainly sent to the home owner's mobile phone.  Using the same smartphone, the homeowner can check the activities going on in his/her home.

Smart lock systems that use Bluetooth are established by the Pros On Call. The Bluetooth facilitate locking and unlocking of entries remotely.  In order to use the Bluetooth smart lock systems, you need a Bluetooth enabled device. Many people find the Bluetooth smart lock systems more ideal since they use no Wi-Fi.  

PIN and fingerprint lock systems are associated with the Pros On Call.  These lock systems only allow the authorized people to access a home by use of identification numbers and fingerprints.  These lock system must have your PIN or fingerprint for you to get into a home.  

These are some of the main security systems that are installed by the Pros On Call.
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